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Thanks to Mr. J. Johnston, one of the people who read an earlier version of the essay, got in touch, and ultimately sent me a copy of the early (original?) sheet music, source of the image that accompanies the explanation entry. Thanks to Fred S. for the Saturday Night Live transcript link. Thanks to Brad M. for telling me about the Frank Zappa interpretation, “Ain’t Necessarily the St. James Infirmary Blues.” Thanks to Stefan for telling me about the Tom Jones version. Thanks to H. Boven for the Mudcat discussion link. Thanks to Cal Morgan, Rene Crowe, and Marie-Jeanne Trauth for “Touro Infirmary” tips. Thanks to George Grosman for the Czech lyrics. Thanks to Andrew “Salty” Saltmarsh for the Betty Boop link. Thanks to Paul Goddard for tips about the original St. James Infirmary itself. Thanks to Larry Broomberg for suggesting leads regarding a possible Jewish influence in the song’s past. Thanks to Fredrik Tersmeden for a great tip about “Charleston Cabin” including the “St. James” melody. Thanks to T.J. Clark for crucial help regarding the Mystic Knights of Oingo Boingo version. Thanks to Cynthia Joyce, Raymond B. Landry, Alan Sirvant, David Fulmer, Morris Hodara of The Duke Ellington Society, Gene C. Anderson, and in particular Robert W. Harwood.

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